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A Modern spin on the classic Grooming Parlor. We Keep today’s alphas and future alphas looking and feeling sharp and at the top of their game by providing the highest quality grooming services. Here, you are more than a client, you are a member of our Lion’s Pride. Toxic Masculinity Barbering focuses on making our fellow alphas not only look good but, feel great. It is more than a haircut… It is character and confidence.

Men’s Haircut: $35

Precision cut, design, & Style

Hero’s Haircut: $25

Thank you to our first responders, military, and police. We have your backs!

Boy’s Haircut: $25

For the young Lions (under 12)

Stay Fresh: $15

Keep Clean in between your hair cut visits

Color Camouflage: $25

Grey Blending for distinction and sophistication or just to help you snag a lioness

The Made Man: $35

Old School Straight Razor Shave

Beard Trim: $20

Beard clean up and shaping

Mr. Clean: $35

Baldie Head Shave

Beard Trim w/ Cut: $10

Sports Manicure: $15

Keep the hands clean and neat with clipping, filing, massage, & buffing

Lion’s Den Shared Workspace: $200 /month

Lion’s Den Membership: $65 /month

Save 10% and pay for the year in full

Each service is tailored to hair type, skin type, and any client requests.


Haircuts include shampoo, conditioning treatment, and scalp massage 

The Made Man  Shave includes pre treatment, hot towel experience w essential oils, face massage, and heated shave foam